Yul Edochie hints at becoming a pastor soon


The time has come to heed God’s calling, according to well-known Nollywood actor Yul Edochie, who has recently become embroiled in a number of controversy.


Yul Edochie has become famous recently for conceiving a son with a side woman who he later wed as his second wife when his first wife was blindsided.


After keeping it a secret for more than a year, he received harsh criticism for announcing the birth of his child and second marriage in public.


In a fresh series of charges that surfaced on social media, he was reportedly said to have abducted his second wife from her former spouse (Mr. Obasi).


The actor who appears to have earned the ire of some online users also came in for harsh criticism.

But in the midst of all, Yul Edochie has made clear that he plans to enter the government.


The time, in the actor’s opinion, has arrived for him to heed God’s summons, which he had long disregarded.


“I am called to serve God and to be a priest and a preacher. to serve as a minister for God. to share the gospel of God in both words and deeds.


Even though I had this calling for a very long time, I always believed the time hadn’t come. But it’s now quite powerful. I believe the moment is now. God has blessed me and the time has come. I’ve grown to be one of the biggest, most renowned actors through the grace of God.


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