Dr. Duffuor formally declares his intention to run for NDC flagbearer

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Dr. Kwabena Duffuor, a former finance minister, has formally declared his intention to run for flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC). On November 3, 2022, Dr. Duffuor indicated he will submit his candidacy as soon as the party opened nominations during a media event in Accra. He implied that he is running for the job because he is sure he is the person the nation needs to lead it at this time.

Announcement: to contest for the flagbereship of the NDC anytime the party opens nominations. I offer myself once again to service my country with sacrifice when I’m given the chance to do so. “The temporary shift we have grown used to must give way to permanent change in attitude, priorities, (and) distribution which will benefit generation after generation. “We are witnessing a real dawn of an era in which country tramps person and progress tramps power. The Ghanaian dream, giving opportunities to all persons regardless of circumstances surrounding their birth; everyone needs equal opportunities,” he said.


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