When it starts to rain, use plan B -Regional Minister

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When it starts to rain, use plan B -Regional Minister 3

Residents in flood-prone areas have received advice from Western Regional Minister Kwabena Okyere Darko-Mensah on how to handle floods.
After a significant downpour, Takoradi’s Western Region experienced flooding in certain areas.

Social media videos and images showed a really bleak condition in the Western Region.

The rain caused houses and vehicles that were trying to cross the stream to get inundated.

But after assessing the extent of the flood damage, the Western Regional Minister said it is crucial for residents of flood-prone areas to always have a backup plan in place when the rains come.

He stated “those who stay in areas that are flood-prone, they should always have a plan B. When it starts raining you should move to your sister or your brother or something for a week or two so that when the rain subsides, you come back home”.

The Minister has since attributed the recent flood to engineering problems.

“Over time, the properties have been sold and permissions have been issued by the Assembly for individuals to build on them, and we have realized that there are some sinks in this area.

However, given the current state of affairs, he said to reporters on Wednesday, “It is an engineering challenge, and the engineers will have to come and bring us some large storm drains so that rainwater will be able to be moved from uphill to downhill into the Whin River.”

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When it starts to rain, use plan B -Regional Minister 4

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