Pastor Love, ex-husband of Obaapa Christy, once more vents

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Pastor Love, ex-husband of Obaapa Christy, once more vents 4

Obaapa Christy’s husband has refuted assertions that he has not yet recovered from the agony of losing his ex-wife. Christy is a well-known gospel singer.

In the past, after a video of Pastor Love supposedly throwing shade at his ex-wife went viral, some people asserted that he still has a “broken heart.”

On Tik Tok, Pastor Love was seen rapping along to Daddy Lumba’s “Mpempem” while supposedly emphasizing the lyrics to prank his ex-wife.

After seeing the aforementioned video, the gospel singer retaliated against her ex-husband by telling him to move on and quit demanding “unnecessary attention” from her.

“This topic is incredibly humorous. You’re not going to alter, will you? You keep wasting your time on me and trying to ruin me, but you fail. Obaapa Christy replied, “Look for a job to do and stop pestering me for pointless attention.

But Pastor Love has worked to dispel all the rumors that have been floating around his popular video.

He claims that he has long since moved past his ex-wife and that it would be foolish of him to continue to yearn for her when there are so many other options available.

Pastor Love here. When you notice my appearance and size,

Pastor Love here. You will be drawn to me when you see my appearance and physical stature. Never once have I experienced a broken heart. I’m a tough person who was raised in Bantama. All I hear while having fun on Tok Tok is that I was making reference to my ex. Why would I still think about Obaapa Christy if we haven’t been together for the previous 11 years?”

Being a big man, I am far Bigger than all of that. In a video that has been going viral on social media, he said, “I am past that.

You may remember that Pastor Love stated that his ex-wife was still his wife sometime in 2020, not long after Obaapa Christy wed again in Germany.

He stated, among other things, that the gospel singer had denied him access to their children in a previous interview with Zionfelix.

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