Truth stand, I won’t apologize: Asiedu Nketiah fires back at critics of viral audio

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Asiedu Nketiah, a candidate for National Chairman of the National Democratic Congress, has rejected calls for him to apologise to the Supreme Court and to Samuel Ofosu-Ampofo for the revelations he made in a viral audio clip about the 2020 election petition.

In an interview with Okay FM on Friday, December16,2022, Asiedu Nketiah admitted responsibility for the audio’s content but vowed not to retract it or apologize.

The departing NDC General Secretary insisted that everything he said in the video was accurate and that he didn’t see the point in making excuses for stating the obvious.

He claimed that the New Patriotic Party was behind the demands for an apology from him.

Asiedu Nketiah also outlined the difference in the 2012 and 2022 election petitions filed by the NPP and NDC respectively.

“I won’t retract and apologize because I said the truth. It is the NPP who are behind it, described as a leaked tape. It is not a leaked tape. I said it at a gathering and I was aware of the things I was saying. I said the truth. I’m daring anyone to come out and deny any falsehood in what I said. So far, no one has come out to dispute what I said.

“Everything I said is public knowledge. In court, I said that we didn’t bring collated results. The case we took to court wasn’t about our pink sheets versus the EC’s pink sheets. Our case was built on the fact that the Electoral Commission breached aspects of the constitution and we wanted the EC to be judged on their own figures,” he said.

Asiedu Nketiah in the said audio accused the incumbent chairman Samuel Ofosu-Ampofo of being the brain behind the party’s defeat in the 2020 elections and the election petition.

“In terms of the party’s operations, I superintendent over all affairs, and everyone reports to me. As a result, I may as well accept the blame for the party’s inability to collate its 2020 election results.

However, there are specific people who engineered that problem. The Chairman’s system for collating results broke down after computing results from 5 regions.

Later when we had to go to court, he didn’t give me any useful data to present. That’s why I said I didn’t have our collated results when I was asked. I don’t know how to lie”, he explained in the local Twi dialect.

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Truth stand, I won't apologize: Asiedu Nketiah fires back at critics of viral audio 3

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