Take him off my show – Captain Smart ‘sacks’ Ras Mubarak

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On Captain Smart’s evening broadcast on Onua TV, dramatic events took place, culminating in the host figuratively dismissing former Kumbugu Member of Parliament Ras Mubarak from the program after about two minutes of heated exchanges.

Ras Mubarak is seen complaining to Captain Smart in a viral video of the event about what he perceives to be disruption and noise from a makeup artist in the studio.

Ras Mubarak tried to draw Captain Smart’s attention to what he believed to be the woman in question’s sarcastic remarks in the hopes that he would be able to convey his point by silencing her.

It’s interesting to note, though, that Captain Smart opposed to Ras Mubarak’s call, asking why he would pay attention to the staff rather than the program.

Ras Mubarak made it clear that the lady’s alleged unfavorable remarks had upset him and disrupted his train of thinking.

Instead, Captain Smart criticized Ras Mubarak for not “respecting” the seat he was sitting in. Ras Mubarak would have disregarded the woman’s insult and carried on with his submission, according to Captain Smart, if he had respected the program.

Ras Mubarak was horrified by Captain Smart’s hostile demeanor, so he threatened to leave the show and demanded that something be done to stop the woman’s behavior.

The host yelled at him and demanded to know why he was still sitting in his seat if he was upset with the woman’s attitude, which enraged Captain Smart even more.

The discussions persisted, and Captain Smart ultimately issued an order.

Captain Smart eventually gave Ras Mubarak the go-ahead to leave the set and announced a break as the exchanges went on.

This is the altercation video on Onua TV a while ago. After taking the pains to watch the short clip, l can't help but register my revulsion against Captain Smart. He's a notorious bully! His mis/conduct was extremely unfair, discourteous and rude to Ras Mubarak. You invite a gentleman to a show, he obliges, and just when he's in the middle of the interview making his point, someone from nowhere (a makeup artist, not a producer) interrupts his flow with some unruly comments, and when he complains you get mad and raise your voice at him. Where did you learn this from? No wonder you don't have any training in journalism. It's not your fault. In Ghana, all you need to be a presenter is to be a loudmouth. Ridiculous!

Posted by Sir-Obama Pokuase-ll on Friday, 16 December 2022

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