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Nana Addo is Politically Dead- Martin Kpebu


President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, according to outspoken private attorney Martin Kpebu, is politically dead.

He emphasized that given the current administration’s dismal performance and the abundant evidence that the president was unable to foresee any of these events, he should just eat humble pie and step down.

“He’s not a leader at all. He couldn’t even see that there was an existential threat to his government… everything has just collapsed around him. So now, where it’s gone, trust me, he will never recover from it. It’s done, I mean they’ve already come out. He’s lost legitimacy so that even reinforces the point that he should resign.

“A leader who can’t even say that let me compromise a bit: it’s all about him or the (sic). Personal aggrandizement. You see how personal aggrandizement has now led him into a ditch? So laughable, that’s why I said Rawlings who didn’t have much formal education, didn’t suffer such a blow,” he said.


Martin Kpebu claimed that the president has lost all legitimacy and that the only thing keeping him in office is what is written in a speech that was broadcast on TV3’s Key Points and was monitred by CountryGhana.

“This is a mortal blow; the president is dead, politically. The rest, he’s just floating because by the papers, he should, but legitimacy, he’s lost legitimacy,” he added.

President Nana Addo and, particularly, the Minister of Finance, have come under a lot of recent pressure over the management of the economy, which has seen many indicators looking bad for the country.

For example, the Ghana cedi has fallen by approximately 50% against the US dollar in the last ten months.

This has been coupled with inflationary pressures which have seen Ghana record a rate of 37.2 percent in September 2022 – the highest in about 20 decades.

The current economic challenges have culminated in job losses, worker agitations, rising costs of living, and a general frustration among the populace.




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