I’m headed toward recovery-Bernard Avle on return to radio


Bernard Avle, a Citi FM host and general manager, received the devastating news of his wife’s passing in August 2022.

Over Justin’s passing, who he had repeatedly praised as an anchor in his life, there was an outpouring of sympathy and compassion for him and his family.

After his wife’s passing, Avle took some time off from his show to grieve and attend her funeral and burial.

When Bernard Avle’s voice returned to the airwaves on Monday, October 31, in the morning, social media platforms were buzzing.

He was there as a guest rather than hosting the program that made him famous and earned him the title of journalist of the year once.

Explaining his mission on-air, Bernard Avle said: “To cope with the system, Charley I am fine, Iโ€™m fine. I have been through a lot, as you know, in August I lost my wife and itโ€™s been a very tough time and I am on the road to recovery. “I think part of the prescription is to do you need to do things that make you happy,” he told co-panelists.

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I'm headed toward recovery-Bernard Avle on return to radio 3

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