Economic Fighters’ League scold Minority for ‘flip-flopping’ on e-levy

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Economic Fighters’ League scold Minority for ‘flip-flopping’ on e-levy 4

The Economic Fighters’ League has chided the Akufo-Addo government for pushing through with the unpopular Electronic Transfer Levy, despite the opposition by Ghanaians.

In an interview with Citi News, the Fighter General of the Economic Fighters’ League, Hardi Yakubu, also accused the Minority in Parliament of conniving with the government to have the E-Levy passed.

It noted that the Minority had been inconsistent in its opposition to the levy, first suggesting it would accept a levy of 1 percent instead of the original 1.75 percent

“We saw early their [the Minority’s] flip-flopping… trying to confuse the people as to what the real position of the paid opposition should be.”

“We expected the paid opposition to be very clear and straightforward in their rejection of the momo tax,” Mr. Yakubu said.

The Minority Caucus is challenging the passage of the e-levy after it complained that it had been blindsided by the unexpected laying of the controversial tax.

It has subsequently moved to challenge the passage of the levy at the Supreme Court.


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Economic Fighters’ League scold Minority for ‘flip-flopping’ on e-levy 5

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