E-Levy: Lydia Forson Hit Hard on the Government


lydia forsin
E-Levy: Lydia Forson Hit Hard on the Government 3

The Ghanaian actress and produce feels the government of the day do not take into consideration the plight of its’ citizen. She is current unhappy about the passage of the #elevy because of the current economic crises the country is facing, She ended by saying the only hope left is for the E-Levy to work effectively as it is said.

She feels the minority were pretending because at the end of the day it will be passed.In a tweet this what she said

“1. This government has shown, repeatedly, that it’s going to do what it wants to do.

2. The economy is doing so poorly; this is clearly their last resort. So the very people who put us in this mess will manage this. anyway…”

She explained that a similar thing happened in Rwanda to which she got to know and love that idea

She ended by saying if indeed the e-levy is welled executed and works perfectly as promised,= by the government, she will be the first to admit she was wrong


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E-Levy: Lydia Forson Hit Hard on the Government 4

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