Your mother is my colleague – Hannah Bissiw

Hannah Bissiw

The National Women’s Organizer for the National Democratic Congress, Hannah Bissiw, has provided details on how she responds to insulting and sexist remarks from other politicians.

Hannah Bissiw claims that rather than allowing her opponents to get under her skin, she accepts their misogynistic claims and responds by enlisting the help of their family and using similar language.

Hannah Bissiw acknowledged being the target of such assaults in an interview with Joy Prime, but she also said that because of her experience, she knows how to handle such circumstances.

She reported an incident in which a member of parliament called her a prostitute on a radio show. She said that the host had tried to get the MP to apologize and retract, but Hannah Bissiw objected and let the slur stand.

She, however, fired back by referring to the mother and all female relations of the said MP as prostitutes.

In the view of Hannah Bissiw, gender bullies should not be entertained but rather be given a taste of their own medicine.

“I was having an interview and an honorable member called me a prostitute. He was like ‘if you want me to have a discussion with someone, it shouldn’t be prostitute called Hannah Bissiw.’ They wanted him to retract but I objected to it.

“He finished his submission, and I was given the opportunity. After discussing the main issue, I asked the host if he knew why I didn’t want him to withdraw. I said it’s true that I’m a prostitute and he know because I work with his mom, so how can you tell the gentleman whose mom is my colleague to withdraw that statement.

“I work with his mom and his sisters are professional prostitutes because his mom trained them. His wife is a prostitute and his child was being groomed to be a prostitute. I said that the difference between me and his mom is that I gave birth to wise children but his mother gave birth to a fool like him,” she said.

Hannah Bissiw is in her second term as National Women’s Organizer of the NDC after winning the elections held on December 10, 2022 in Cape Coast.

Hannah Bissiw is a Cuban-trained veterinary officer who has in last few years dedicated her time to serving the NDC. She is also one-term Tano South MP .

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Your mother is my colleague – Hannah Bissiw 3

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