They tagged me as “Gold Diggger” and “ashawo” because of my husband-Kafui Danku

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Actress Kafui Danku has revealed that after getting married a decade ago to his Canadian husband,she received an additional title.

She said many did not understand her motive and they created a misconception about her marriage and tagged her as a gold digger and ‘ashawo”.

The actress added that she married her husband because of the person he is and not his race.

I have been called ‘ashawo’ and ‘gold digger’ because I married an older man – Kafui Danku

Kafui Danku explained that some men she met prior to her marriage were bossy and did not approve of her career as an actress.

“A lot of young women go like ‘oh my God I want to marry a white man like you’. it’s not about race for me, it’s about people. I have met men of my own race that were really nothing to write home about.”

The couple got married over a decade ago. After three miscarriages, Kafui Danku welcomed her first daughter, Baby Lorde, in 2017. The couple also welcomed their second child- a boy- Titan, in 2019.

Despite the criticism and the backlash for marrying an older man, the actress said she did not let the opinions of others get to her.

She explained that prior to meeting her husband she was already in the movie industry and understood people could project their fears on others especially one in the limelight.

“I worked on myself mentally, so none of those [negative comments] ever got to me. My parents also had their own concerns about the age gap and all that, so I had to learn so fast, so there were so many things that didn’t break me” Kafui Danku .

Source: myjoyonline

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They tagged me as "Gold Diggger" and "ashawo" because of my husband-Kafui Danku 4

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