The Orekodo(Move) Sign Throwback -Kofi kinaata

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Martin King Arthur popularly known as Kofi Kinaata is a Ghanaian musician and songwriter from Takoradi. He is noted for his Fante rap and freestyle and therefore known as the Fante Rap God.

The all time best songwriter,who made a great breakthrough with “Susuka” posted a throwback picture of his “onyi chorus” days and his present day with the same posture with his right hand up showing two sure.

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The Orekodo(Move) Sign Throwback -Kofi kinaata 11

Fans are thrilled with his breakthrough and consistency with his lyrical plus content delivery.

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Wode Maya Respond

Kofi kinaata has nominated for the 3 music awards

Kinaata has bagged 4 nominations for the 3music awards

Check out his latest track titled wopre

Kofi kinaata Wopre

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The Orekodo(Move) Sign Throwback -Kofi kinaata 15

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