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The Unemployed Youth Dilemma in Ghana

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During my Senior High school days ,the rise cases of youth unemployment was there and it still alive in this Country though they say NABCO has reduced the numbers.
The Youth always point their fingers to the top with a loud voice of blames and those at the Top always point their hands back to them with a trick mild voice of blame of laziness and you must pass through the process.
Does it really matter on who to blame???
Some may say that the system doesn’t help the youth in Ghana(Africa) as a whole but interesting the acclaimed better working system in the First Class Country faces same uprising of Protests from unemployed Graduates and youths..
We are made to believe through pressure from family members,mentors and the society that one is “Safe as a government worker” for life even to the point of making huge payment to help us get permanent jobs in these sectors,not to forget about the regular scams whenever there are any recruitment process at the security services,Safety sector ,GES and more.
This is a routine which now seems to be normal in the eyes of the struggling unemployed youth because he/she must find ways and means to secure a Good job for life at all cost.
Politically it is about who you know and those you know must also quench their thirst to help you ,some may help you as a result of loyalty,free offer and the consistency campaign merted out to them before winning that office to which in most cases some too are neglected..It is a fair game of offer me bread for butter,hand go hand come and it seen as normal everywhere even at the private sector.
As Humans we need and want more of everything in life at the expense of others.
Can any government in power solve the problem of unemployment?
Are we to blame them for this problem ?
The You start initiative is not bad but I pray Ghanaians will not make it bad or collapse it.

The You start serves to support young entrepreneurs with great business ideas with requisite guidance to grow and expand their business.
The government will support young graduates and school leavers with Soft LOANS of GHC50k (Equipment acquisition) for individuals and between 100k and 400k standard loan at confessional rates for Ames from Finacial institution.
But will this solve the youth unemployment as as stated by the Finance Minister?
We all hope for the best…
It is a bit okay to see different mechanisms put in place to help curtail unemployment with the likes of NEIP ,NABCO ,You start ,YEA and others.
Though the aforementioned has it own challenges,half a loaf is better than none and i hope the delay in payment of salaries will be the thing of the past.
Delay is not Denial but in most cases it is looks like Delilah because the individual strengths reduces.
The normalcy of certain inconveniences must stop and citizens must feel the breeze of Heaven/paradise in Ghana.
Some citizens at the government sector must also stop and minimize the attitude of “Government work so we choose to treat it anyhow” after all it is not my personal property and we are not well paid.
Every graduate or youth dream is either to be an entrepreneur or get well paid to enjoy the value placed on their Certificate.
I do believe One day there will be Noise on Youth/Graduate Unemployment…

Caleb Qwofi Right
A Christian,A Learner for Life
Long Live Ghana.

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