The taunts from Tinny are unsurprising – Stonebwoy

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The taunts from Tinny are unsurprising - Stonebwoy 4

Ghanaian music star Stonebwoy has revealed he wasn’t surprised when he saw Tinny’s rant and insults directed at him.

When the footage of the rant was sent to him, he remembers saying, “I’m not really surprised but it’s cool.”

He said this on Accra-based Hitz FM today Monday, 22 August 2022.

“I felt sad because I’ve been in the know that a lot of people don’t like me but I don’t take it to heart. I still manage to do me,” he shared while adding “I’ll be honest, in this industry, I’ve faced my fair share of hatred and I’m still facing it.”

On why he’s experienced hatred in his line of work, the father of two reflected, “You know people have their own fears and have their own scars that it’s reflecting on other people where it’s really not supposed to be.”

He expressed his respect for Tinny “irrespective of knowing his stance when it comes to a few things. We still have to respect him because” people like him are forebears in the industry and “we’re here today owing to their efforts.

He bemoaned his gesture to settle Tinny’s alleged debt of GHS2,000 was only out of “an open heart” and even though it has been met with insults, “I didn’t take it too deeply. It only now closed it for me where he [Tinny] really stands.”

On why he didn’t confirm with Tinny if the allegation against him was true in the first place, Stonebwoy, affectionately called ‘1Gad’ argued, “Bro, I was just walking and I saw something I could deal with and I dealt with it”.

He added, the promoter, Yaw Menkasa, had earlier mentioned the matter had been taken to the police, which to him showed the seriousness of the issue.

He called Tinny’s reasons for calling him a fool “flawed” adding that in the music industry, there’s a lot of talk about love but “there’s no action.”

Asked if going forward he’d work with rapper Tinny, Stonebwoy hesitantly said, “I’m not sure I’d want to work with him now. The truth be told.”

He also registered he’s in fact not been able to grant collaboration requests from other artists for a while stating he’s even only released just a song the entire year. He cited his latest song, ‘Therapy


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