The Ghana Card registration process must be carried out as locally as possible – Dr. Ken Ashigbey

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Dr. Ken Ashigbey
Dr. Ken Ashigbey

Dr. Kenneth Ashigbey, the Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Telecommunications Chamber, has urged the government to provide the National Identification Authority (NIA) with additional funding so it can speed up the registration process for the Ghana Card.

He claims that the ongoing Ghana Card registration process, which has been plagued by long lines and other difficulties, has discouraged many Ghanaians from obtaining the cards.

According to him, this is a major factor in the sim re-registration process’s delay.

He said that the government must give the NIA more logistics so that the Authority may get the registration process as close to the people as feasible on JoyNews’ PM Express.

“In the same way, if we want to elect politicians, we register voters at the polling station level rather than at the constituency level, bringing the registration as near to the electorates as possible.

“We need to take advantage of this care imperative of wanting to get everybody’s sim registered to say that we’re giving NIA money again, go out and do another mass registration but take it as close as possible to these people.

“We need to ensure that when we do that there’s data, there’s connectivity in those places so that they can actually issue and print the cards at that place,” he stated.

His remarks come as hundreds of people are waiting in lines at the El-Wak stadium and the NIA offices in Accra for identity management services like replacing lost cards, updating personal records and fixing mistakes.

Many people have been impatient due to the lineups’ poor progress.

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The Ghana Card registration process must be carried out as locally as possible – Dr. Ken Ashigbey 3

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