Suspect in the Mamobi-Nima Violent Clash Arrested -Ghana Police

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On January 18th 2022,there was a riot between Nima and Mamobi which caused fear and panic to the residents but with the rapid intervention of Ghana Police,Calmness was instilled to which brought praises to the Government Security .

The Ghana police has been keen on getting the Head of these gang and deal with them accordingly to the Law of the country.

So far So good,in collaboration with the National Investigation Bureau(NIB),The Ghana Police Service on Sunday 23rd,2022 has arrested Suspect Farouk Causa,Alias,Omondi,aged 31


Ths Ghana Police has made emphasis that they are making more effort to arrest all other persons involved in the violent.Below is the full details from the official page of Ghana police.

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Suspect in the Mamobi-Nima Violent Clash Arrested -Ghana Police 5

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