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Speak Like a Ghanaian Citizen -Prof Gyampo to Ken Ofori Atta

Speak Like a Ghanaian Citizen -Prof Gyampo to Ken Ofori Atta 3

Professor Gyampo has advised the Finance Minister to lower the bar in his communication,he should speak in plain language.

In a post fromthe Ministry of information,Ken Ofori Atta is Expected to speak on Thursday 24th March 2022 at 1:00 GMT on the Steps to solve the current Economic Crises.

Prof Gyampo is of the view that the Minister will speak in a way that every Ghanaian will understand without any difficulties.

this is the full statement.

We wrote to the President and we are hearing some of our proposals, perhaps, “coincidentally”, are being considered. We await to scrutinize and discuss what KOA presents to us. There can be no meaningful navigation through these hard times without the support of the people. I therefore expect the announcement of some delicate-balanced interventions that show massive sacrifices at the top, provide some reliefs for the already burdened Ghanaian, and at the same time, appeal to all of us to tighten our belts. Governments are elected to solve problems. But in times like this, they cannot do so without the support of the citizenry. This is not Economics and Finance. It is Political Science and also Political Sense.Let’s see how this press briefing smartly whips up public understanding, sympathy and support. It must be done in plain and simple language for ordinary people to understand. The confusing terminologies that are typically deployed by demagogues to talk their ways out, without communicating, must be toned down. Everything must be broken down into simple language for all to appreciate what is there and what can be done.

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Speak Like a Ghanaian Citizen -Prof Gyampo to Ken Ofori Atta 4

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