Selly Galley educate Yvonne Nelson on marriage


Selly Galley educate Yvonne Nelson on marriage 3

Ghanaian actress and television presenter, Selly Galley has reacted to the recent statements made by her colleague, Yvonne Nelson about marriage.
Yvonne Nelson turned to a marriage counselor, on Twitter as she advised her fans about marriage and how society and parents have told us otherwise.

Yvonne Nelson believes that marriage is no longer about love as men and women who go into unions do so because of hidden agendas.

On April 26, she called out the church and society for misleading innocent individuals into marriage. “In marriage, everyone has an agenda. Society told us otherwise. Our parents told us otherwise. Our church told us otherwise,” she tweeted.

In her previous post, before her post about how society tells us otherwise about the agenda of marriage, Yvonne Nelson asked whether people still marry because of money or because they are intelligent.

Yvonne Nelson first asked in her own words;
Some marry for the money, others for a passport, others for kids, others because of a banging body, etc etc errmm. Do peeps still marry because they love each other or because one is intelligent? Or does everyone now have an agenda?

Reacting to her comments, Selly Galley noted that Yvonne Nelson’s idea of marriage is solely her opinion and it is misleading to generalize her assertion as she debunked it arguing that you don’t enter into marriage with an agenda.
According to her, when the love and affection is genuine on both sides, everything else is added unto you including God’s perfect timing.

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Selly Galley added that the position of Yvonne is not the situation of everyone and true love and happy marriages still exist, hence she warned fans not to be deceived by social media.

The wife of singer, Praye Tiatia otherwise known as Cartel BigJ pointed out that those who are showing off their marriage on social media are the ones who dirty themselves when the marriage fails, however, she underlined the fact that there are challenges in marriages but they are to be solved.

She further urged all to encourage couples putting in the effort and stop concentrating on only the ones who are in it for the show.

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Selly Galley educate Yvonne Nelson on marriage 4

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