Rapper Sarkodie Misses Detroit Show Due to Delta Airlines Emergency Landing


Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie was forced to miss his show in Detroit on Saturday after his Delta Airlines flight made an emergency landing on an island in Portugal.

Sarkodie, who was flying from Accra, Ghana, to Detroit, said that the plane had to land in the Azores after experiencing technical problems. He said that the airline did not communicate well with passengers about what was happening, and that he and other passengers were stranded at the airport for six hours.

Sarkodie also alleged that Delta Airlines has a history of sending “weak old flights” from Africa, and that these flights are not safe. He said that he and other passengers on the flight were “almost landed on the ocean” before the plane was able to land safely on the island.

Sarkodie said that he is not trying to tarnish Delta Airlines’ reputation, but that he hopes the company will address the safety concerns that he and other passengers have raised. He also apologized to his fans in Detroit for missing the show.

In a statement to the media, Delta Airlines said that the flight made an emergency landing due to a “mechanical issue.” The airline said that the passengers were safely evacuated and that they are working to get them to their destinations as soon as possible.

The incident is the latest in a string of problems for Delta Airlines. In recent months, the company has been plagued by flight cancellations and delays. The airline has also been criticized for its customer service.

Sarkodie’s experience is a reminder of the importance of air safety. Passengers should always be aware of the risks involved in flying, and they should be prepared for the unexpected.

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