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Madhaus Entertainment CEO confirmed dead

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Industry professionals have expressed their sorrow over the passing of Livingston Aik Abani, the chief executive officer of Madhaus Entertainment, who invested in a number of talents.

On August 10, 2022, a Ghanaian businessman passed away. His reason for death is still unknown. On the other hand, friends and users of social media have expressed their sympathies and shared their best memories of him.

In a 2021 viral video, Aik, who identified himself as a servant of God, was shown preaching the gospel and anointing a crowd.

In a letter of appreciation, media consultant Kelly Nii Lartey Mensa wrote: “You once invested millions of dollars in Ghanaian artists and entertainers. You went by yourself the day you fell. Even though they might not remember you, the Lord will nonetheless make room for you because of your noble character. I recall that practically all of Ghana’s musicians were signed by MaddHaus Entertainment! Chief, Chief, Chief! You surprised us! Aik Abani, CEO of Madd Haus Entertainment, rest well.

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