J. B. Danquah was stabbed by me with a jack knife – Sexy Dondon confesses

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J. B. Danquah was stabbed by me with a jack knife – Sexy Dondon confesses 4

A pen drive containing video admissions from the main suspect in the murder of the late Member of Parliament for Abuakwa North, Joseph Boakye Danquah-Adu, was accepted into evidence by an Accra High Court.

The late MP was stabbed during a fight that broke out when Daniel Asiedu, alias Sexy Dondon, entered his Shaishie home on a robbery mission.

The suspect showed the investigators how he entered the deceased MP’s bedroom through his widow, according to a story seen by Countryghana.

A video was taken during the accused’s interrogation and a reconstruction of the crime scene in the late MP’s home both reveal information about his demonstration.

The court was informed, prior to the pendrive containing the recordings being brought into evidence, of Daniel Asiedu’s admission that a catapult and a metal cutter discovered in the MP’s bedroom belonged to him. According to information provided to the court, the suspect acknowledged using a catapult to scare away dogs before entering a home to conduct robbery while using a metal cutter to break through burglar-proof glass in windows that prevented him from entering the home.

“According to the first accused person (Asiedu), he did not use them because there were no dogs in the house and the windows were not having burglar-proof, so after the commission of the crime, he left them in the room of the deceased,” Chief Inspector Augustus Nkrumah, the case investigator told the court on Tuesday, July 19, 2022.

Sexy Dondon, who has been accused with murder, was seen in the video that was played in court demonstrating to police detectives how he pushed himself through a metal fence and entered the house. The security guard who was on duty when he entered the residence, he claimed, was asleep.

The suspect also admitted to detectives that he had no prior knowledge of the late MP’s personality and had only chosen his room from among the other options on the property since it was the only one with a light on when he first arrived.

Daniel Adu claimed that the MP’s room’s glass pane was not locked, so he slid it open, went inside, and concealed next to a drawer where he took two cell phones.

He claimed that as he was going to leave the room, the sleeping MP saw him and woke up to switch off the television. The MP, according to him, yelled “thief, thief, thief.”

Then, he informed the jury that the suspect had firmly gripped the MP’s shirt at the neck, causing a fight between them.

Asiedu said that he stabbed the deceased MP with a jack knife during the battle, weakening him so that he was forced to sit on the floor next to the bed and was unable to shout for help.

Daniel Asiedu told investigators that he continued to search the room for valuables while the late MP sat helplessly and watched him do the searching.

During his reconstruction of the incident to the investigators, Daniel Asiedu in the video played in court visibly broke down, went on his knees, placed his elbows on the late MP’s bed, and said a prayer after which he made a sign of the cross before he continued the demonstration.

Counsel for the accused, Yaw Dankwa objected to the tendering of the video into evidence. He argued that the accused was under duress and at all material times was in handcuff, tortured and deprived of sleep and also did not have a lawyer present when the videos were shot.

The defense counsel’s argument was opposed by Sefakor Batse, a Principal State Attorney who said the accused was relaxed throughout the interrogation and the cuts on the accused as a result of struggling with the late MP while the one on his face as a result of putting his head through a metal fence with thorns around it.

The video was brought into evidence by the presiding court, Justice Lydia Osei Marfo, who stated that the weight to be given to it depends on how the defense attorney for the accused responds to cross-examination.

At the age of 50, Joseph Boakye Danquah-Adu passed away at his Shiashie Legon Home on February 9, 2016.

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J. B. Danquah was stabbed by me with a jack knife – Sexy Dondon confesses 5

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