Increase in Public Sector March Salary

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Increase in Public Sector March Salary 4

Most Public Sector Workers in Ghana Have gotten a pay rise based on their validation slip from the controller and accountant Generals Department.

It can be recalled that in January 2022, most workers had their salary increasing by just 3% contrary to the initial agreement to increase salaries by 7% in 2022 by Fair Wages and Salaries Commission.

It cannot be concluded whether there have been arrears in addition to the increment, this will be concluded upon after payslips are released along the week, meanwhile some people have suggested it is just some arrears from December owed some workers after government’s inability to pay 4% arrears of January and February,2021 in December.

Meanwhile 25% Salary increment proposal has been tabled to be deliberated upon in order for Salaries to be increased pay 2023 salary terms an conditions. It’s proposed that if the 25% is added to salaries of public sector workers, some workers earning Ghc 2,000 will be earning an additional Ghc500 whilst those taking Ghc1,000 will be earning extra Ghc250, those earning Ghc1,500 will be taking extra Ghc375.

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Increase in Public Sector March Salary 5

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