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In a single video, Mr BEAST 1,000 Blind People See For The First Time

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Mr Beast

Donaldson (aka Mr. Beast) was born in Wichita, Kansas, on May 7, 1998.

The YouTuber first joined the platform in February 2012, aged 13. His earlier videos focused on video game footage and estimated net worths of fellow YouTube stars.

He later found viral fame when a video of him counting to 100,000 went viral after 40 hours of work.

MrBeast was soon part of a competition with PewDiePie to become the most subscribed channel on YouTube.

Fast forward to 2022 and MrBeast is now one of the most watched and highest paid creators on YouTube. He has since hired many of his childhood friends to help him grow his brand with a team of around 60 people.

He also runs a number of other YouTube channels, including Beast Reacts, MrBeast Gaming, MrBeast Shorts and a channel dedicated to philanthropy.

The 24-year-old, real name Jimmy Donaldson, begins his latest viral video (which was partially leaked back in October) by explaining that about 200 million people alive today have problems with blindness. A surgeon then explains that half of the world’s blindness can be stopped with a simple 10-minute operation.

The YouTuber adds: “If you’re wondering how the surgery allows people to see again, it’s because the lens in their eyes is so cloudy that they can’t see through it.

“So the surgeon uses a tiny vacuum to suck out the cloudy lens. And replace it with an artificial one. The surgery is that simple! They can see again.”

Mr BEAST 1,000 Blind People See For The First Time

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