‘I’m the most judged stripper’ – BBNaija star Chichi

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Chichi, a reality television star, has criticized those who think she should not be an exotic dancer.

The BBNaija season 7 star said in an interview with Punch that people in that profession are typically despised in Nigeria.

She claims that because exotic dancers are viewed as less than human in our region of the world, she is the most harshly judged stripper.

“I believe I am the most scrutinized stripper,” People frequently sought my assistance when I was a stripper (I no longer strip), while also passing judgment on me at the same time. They didn’t regard us as beings with souls. Although stripping is a profession in the United States, it is not accepted there. It was very challenging.

Because of that, I cannot talk in public. And, that is why I am uptight; I don’t like expressing myself. Whenever I talk, people are quick to throw ‘shades’ at me, saying what do I know since I’m just a stripper. They feel we (strippers) can do anything for money,” she said.

Chichi also expressed her disappointment at brands offering her N5 million for a one-year influencing contract.

The exotic dancer turned reality TV star and brand influencer, recently made the news after her rate card went viral. She stated how some brands come to her with low offers for a yearlong contract.

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‘I’m the most judged stripper’ – BBNaija star Chichi 3

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