Force Gov’t to yield to ‘terms of payment’ Wed – Public Universities’ worker unions to NLC

UG campus

Worker unions in the public universities of Ghana have urged the National Labour Commission(NLC) to direct the Employer to abide by the ruling of the Commission in its next sitting, slated for Wednesday, 2nd November 2022.

The industrial action of all Labour Unions on the campuses of public universities in Ghana has
entered its third week.

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A statement jointly issued by the Labour Unions said: “It is unfortunate that the two (2) hearings at the NLC have not yielded the needed results as the Employer has refused to discuss “terms of payment” with us, as directed by the Commission.”

It thus expects the government to present terms of payment and other related issues after Wednesday’s hearing.

“We are not happy with our industrial action, but it is our last resort in the face of the brute show
of Governmental arbitrariness and insensitivity in handling our plight during these hard times.

“We are in a crisis as alluded by the President of our Republic during his recent address on the State of the Economy and leadership have been magnanimous and demonstrated our willingness, at previous engagements with Government, to make some sacrifices given the difficult times in which we find ourselves.

“For instance, we are prepared to allow Government to stagger the payment or develop a payment plan over a period even if the Employer cannot afford to pay off the entire allowance in one go. But the Government has chosen to remain intransigent and adamant. We, therefore, call on all our members to sustain the communication of the language better understood by Government.”


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Force Gov’t to yield to ‘terms of payment’ Wed – Public Universities’ worker unions to NLC 3

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