Economic messiah turn digital “goro boy”-Sam George Slams Bawumia

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Economic messiah turn digital "goro boy"-Sam George Slams Bawumia 4

The National Democratic Congress MP for Ningo-Pampram Hon Sam George is totally disappointed in the Lecture delivered by the vice president of the Republic of Ghana.

According to him the lecture has no workable solution for the mess created by the Nana-Bawumia administration and it if full of false claims to which a true Moslem shouldn’t lie during the Ramadan season..

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“It was painful listening to the usually boisterous and loquacious Bawumia battle through a drab and uninspiring monologue of self justification of his abysmal failure as Head of the Economic Management Team.

His presentation lacked a clear workable solution to the mess he and his team have led us into. He went to great lengths to prevaricate and ended up exposing the fact that he is hapless at the moment. He used statistics in a duplicitous manner underlying his desperation for some kind of credibility.

How he compared inflation in 2016 and 2020 when the baskets were completely different is quite dishonest. Again, his attempt to paint a lower fiscal deficit between 2017-19 as against 2013-16 is unbecoming of an academic. He is very aware that between 2017-19, the government had omitted energy and finsec costs from the calculations. Such intellectual dishonesty should not be seen in a practising moslem especially during Ramadan.

Several false claims were made, deliberate distortions of facts and an attempt to project a reality that only exists only in his mind. The economy is in tatters and even the jestful Bawumia forgot his jabs, jokes and quibs yesterday. He clearly has been humbled by the Ghanaian economy and he needs a bail-out.

Whilst we figure out a rescue plan for Bawumia and his EMT, let us remind him that his silence on the e-Levy was noticed. We also realised how the 170 questions he quizzed the late Amissah-Arthur with dwindled to 11 questions yesterday. Even with the 11 questions, he suffered a miscarriage.

A rather poor showing for a much hyped ‘economic messiah’ turned digital goro boy. “

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Economic messiah turn digital "goro boy"-Sam George Slams Bawumia 5

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