E-Levy is a blessing to Ghana  – Cwesi Oteng

cwesi oteng2

cwesi oteng2
E-Levy is a blessing to Ghana  – Cwesi Oteng 4

According to Cwesi Oteng, he has supported the government’s decision to introduce the E-Levy because he believes it is going to transform the country.

“I stood up and defended him. I was the only artiste in Ghana who said E- Levy is a good thing. ‘Everybody run go hide’. When I said  E-Levy was a good thing the whole of Ghana insulted me for three days but I was the only person to believe in it. This is because I believe that it is the biggest transformation to the economy for any president who takes over.” Cwesi Oteng said this in an interview with Power FM monitored

Cwesi Oteng is of the assessment that, since the policy is a good one, even if the current NPP government fails to put the money generated into appropriate use, anyone who takes over from them will put it into good use for Ghanaians to benefit.

“People say they (NPP) will mismanage it, but that is cool, if they mismanage it, somebody will come and that will become a good avenue for income and can use that one for a lot of things”, he noted.

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E-Levy is a blessing to Ghana  – Cwesi Oteng 5

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