Dampare interdicts officers who were caught on camera making Islamophobic statements.

Dampare interdicts officers who were caught on camera making Islamophobic statements. 4

Dr George Akuffo Dampare, the Inspector-General of Police, has ordered the arrest of four more police officers in connection with the disturbances at the Kumasi Islamic Senior High School last week.

While analyzing CCTV footage of the turmoil that transpired when police officers rushed the school to disrupt a student protest last Monday, the cops were captured on tape making Islamophobic comments.

“Have you seen their mentality [referring to pupils of the Islamic SHS]?” one of the cops running commentary while examining the CCTV tape is heard saying in a video that has gone viral on social media. Do you suppose they’d act the same way if it was an Akan school?” “They’re filthy,” observed another. They’re filthy! There are Muslims wherever they go.

Following this event, the Ghana Police Service’s Operations Commander, DCOP Mohammed Suraji, led a delegation to Kumasi’s Zongo Chief, Alhaji Umar Sulta Farouk, on behalf of the Inspector General of Police.

DCOP Suraji confirmed the officers’ interdiction during the visit, according to a report by

“Such [a remark] does not reflect the Ghana police force.” As a result, we’ve come to apologize. The cops, including a chief inspector, have been detained as I speak. They are being investigated by the military for their unprofessional behavior, and we agree with this decision. DCOP Suraji stated, “We should regard this with the disdain it deserves.”

DCOP Suraji emphasized the police’s commitment to respecting all Ghanaians, regardless of their political, religious, or tribal affiliation.

The police administration’s newest interdiction puts the total number of officers arrested for the disruptions at the Kumasi Islamic Senior High School to seven.

On Monday, June 13, 2022, students from Kumasi Islamic Senior High School caused heavy traffic on the Abrepo road that runs in front of their campus to express their discontent with the area’s regular accidents.

The outraged pupils claimed that they and their teachers had become victims of regular pedestrian knockdowns and that the protest was intended to raise attention to their condition.

However, a police force sent in to quiet the students decided to manage the situation by firing firearms and teargas.

This created an even more chaotic situation, with 30 pupils passing out and having to be transported to the hospital.

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Dampare interdicts officers who were caught on camera making Islamophobic statements. 5

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