After wearing same Africa Print to church,She boldly said No

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Love is genuine,love is kind and generous,I believe we all want to be with the one our heart yearn for because it is vital as we grow in life in other ro create a family of our own.

A viral photo to which a young man who wore the same Africa print to church with his girlfriend has received the shock of his life.

The young man felt he was in a comfortable lead and decided to surprise his lady in front of the church Altar but this bold attempt ended in pains.


The lady said No and left him stranded in front of the whole congregation to which the preacher ended up consoling him.

This have caused for various views and comment on Twitter.

Some are not happy about how it ended in pains and others are okay for the girl decision.Do you believe the lady did the right thing?comment and check the full details below in a screenshot. Click here for the link to the tweetck here for the link




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After wearing same Africa Print to church,She boldly said No 9

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