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A 32 year old man gains admission to his dream school Adisco After 5 attempts

Keep on trying and never give up on your dreams.

After several trials after completing his BECE at Maria Montosorri 2004 with aggregate 10,he didn’t get admission to Adisadel College but rather had Sammo Senior High School.

The Oldest Among his sibblings ,Mr Richard Oponin Marfo has gained admission into Adisadel College his dream school after five B.E.C.E attempts.

Although he completed Sammo Senior High in 2007,he then ventured into footwear on the streets of Adum for a while.

In 2010, Mr Marfo tried again and still failed to achieve his dreams to be in the Zebra Shirt.

He says… 

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A 32 year old man gains admission to his dream school Adisco After 5 attempts 3

Three years later in 2010, I couldn’t stand the desire of not fulfilling my dream school. I marshalled courage and got myself enrolled in Modern Educational Centre at Auakwa Sepaase in Kumasi to rewrite BECE. Despite having aggregate 6, I was still denied to be enrolled in Adisco”.

He Tried again in 2011 with aggregate 6 but still he was denied and was given TI Ahmadiyya to which the Head master there gave him assurance that he will transfer him at form 2 to Adisco but he stopped and ventured into Lotto business at Adum.

In the third attempt,he was given Ekumfi TI Ahmadiyyaa to offer Science and this time around,He was given assurance by the then Headmaster of Adisco that he will be transferred at form 2,but Mr Marfo didnt like the idea to be enrolled as a transferred student to His dream school.The promise kept ringing in his mind but he decided to leave E-AMASS after 1st term.

He Tried again as a private candidate at the fourth time ,he was given Samma Senior High but the 26 years denied the admission and pursue his business.

His Fifth attempt in 2020 after 5 years landed him his dream school,Adisadel College.

He made this as the happiest man on earth ,A year later in 2021 as the happiest day and Thank God for making it possisible on 1st March 2021.

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A 32 year old man gains admission to his dream school Adisco After 5 attempts 4

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