Adwoa Safo’s seat can only be declared vacant by the Speaker – Ricketts-Hagan

Adwoa Safo's seat can only be declared vacant by the Speaker – Ricketts-Hagan 4

Sarah Adwoa Safo is still the representative for the Dome Kwabenya constituency, according to George Kweku Ricketts-Hagan, ranking member of the Privileges Committee of the House of Representatives.
The Cape Coast South MP stated that only the Speaker of Parliament has the authority to declare Adwoa Safo’s seat empty when speaking with Captain Smart on Onua TV/”Maakye” FM on Wednesday, July 20, 2022. She continues to represent Dome Kwabenya in Congress.

The MP highlighted that no member of the House, including a Committee Chair or anybody else, may declare a seat vacant until the Speaker instructs the Clerk of Parliament to do so.

Three additional MPs, including Sarah Adwoa Safo, were called before the Parliamentary Privileges Committee for missing more than 15 meetings.

The Dome Kwabenya politician, however, claims she was never served with an invitation and never appeared before the Committee.

Following the work of the Committee, the second deputy speaker and chairman of the privileges committee Joseph Osei Owusu stated that the Clerk of Parliament must declare the seat vacant in order for a by-election to be called.

A.B.A. Fuseini, a committee member, previously told the media in Parliament that the Committee never discussed anything regarding the removal of Adwoa Safo from the House and that Mr. Osei Owusu’s statements were a “utter pathological lie.”

The Clerk of Parliament’s duty, according to Mr. Rocketts-Haggan, is administrative, and only the Speaker has the authority to authorize that.

In addition, Adwoa Safo stated in a Facebook post that she will continue to support the NPP and President Akufo-Addo despite attempts to single her out for long-standing wrongdoing.

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Adwoa Safo's seat can only be declared vacant by the Speaker – Ricketts-Hagan 5

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