#AccraFloods again what is the Way Forward

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#AccraFloods again what is the Way Forward 4

Na who cause am? The Leaders or the Citizens .
We all wish to live in the Capital City of Ghana but we sometimes fail to make it worth as a Capital city.
The “We” is for the Leaders and citizens of this Great nation Ghana .This is not the first of its kind and it won’t be the last neither.
Wearing the Ciitzenry Spectacles to address this issue at this critical stage,the most painful thing is that,at the end of the Day nothing will be done about it and we Go back to square One .
In the game of Soccer each player does his best to enable the Team to win its opponent including the Coach and the technical members.
So as we are in Team Ghana the goal to end or minimize Accra Floods and ill activites fully depends on us as field players and the Leaders as Coaches or management.
The Leaders here consists on any person from Assembly Members to the Member of Parliament,not to neglect the role you as individual can portray in the absence of the aforementioned.
We have to keep in mind that the flood mainly affect us in this field game causing injuries,loss of properties and so on.
We are lovers of dropping rubbish any where we find ourselves with the mindset that people are paid to clear our own mess and sometimes when we are asked in a nice way to pick them up it follows with a well defined version of insults.
I believe whenever a foreign object is seen in the field of Soccer,the game is stopped by the referee for it be removed before it proceed.
We can be the referee when ever we encounter such activities by our fellow Ghanaians (team mates),though it is difficult in most instances but it worth to give it a try.
Building at waterlog areas are not news to us because of the greedness of some individuals because of their selfish interest to own a land or get their Land sold.
These same buyers are warned by the Land Commisions and some of the individuals at the Land Commission alledgedly are muted with money.
Na who cause am?
Money is never the root of all evil but rather brings into light some Evil deeds .
There are some instances when others try to be a good citizens to report such cases they end up been threatened.
Whenever Government makes the decision to pull down some structures it is propelled with unnecessary propaganda filled with lies to throw dust into the eyes of the innocent Ghanaians to which we are easily grieved to react as the kind hearted we all known for which follows with full insults because we are quick to react.
The Government must do something about the choked gutters and the Odorna Lagoon and put up better draining systems at flood prone areas in Accra.
They must do everything in their power to reduce this flood issue with Policies,strategies,mark it as a National problem and stop the temporal ways of addressing it ,taking pictures and visiting affected individuals with all kind of donations
The Odaw River needs proper attentions ,I believe if taken to consideration to drain it time by time will help.
The settlement in flood prone areas should be check again because these same settlers will attack the Government when they loose properties and are choked with difficult in breathing.
The road to freedom from flood is muddy but we will surely get there ,one little step forward at a time is worth taking than to roaming in circle..
We all have a role to play,if we relax the job will never be completed.
I dedicate )man by uncle Ato to all Ghanaians.

Long Live Ghana
Caleb Qwofi Right
A Learner For Life.

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#AccraFloods again what is the Way Forward 5

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