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Why Don Little Was Almost Arrested at a Nightclub Abroad

By May27,2024
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Why Don Little Was Almost Arrested at a Nightclub Abroad 3

Ghanaian actor Stephen Atangah, popularly known as Don Little, has shared an incident from his travels abroad that nearly led to his arrest. During an interview on TV3, Don Little recounted a night out with friends that took an unexpected turn at a nightclub.

The Nightclub Incident

Don Little’s adventure began innocently enough—a night out with friends overseas, seeking fun and relaxation. They decided to explore the local nightlife scene and settled on a popular nightclub. However, their plans hit a snag at the entrance.

Mistaken Identity

As Don Little and his friends approached the nightclub, the security guard halted them. Despite being with his friends, the guard mistook Don Little for a child due to his small stature. Imagine the scene: a grown man, an actor known for his roles in Ghanaian films, being denied entry because he was perceived as underage.

The Security Guard’s Question

The security guard’s skepticism persisted. He questioned Don Little, asking, “Hey little boy, where is your mom?” Don Little’s friends tried to vouch for him, but the guard remained unconvinced. It was an embarrassing and frustrating situation for the actor.

Threat of Police Involvement

As tensions escalated, the guard issued a stern warning: If they didn’t leave the premises, the police would be called. Don Little, feeling insulted and caught off guard, decided it was best to avoid any legal trouble. He and his friends reluctantly turned back, missing out on their anticipated night of revelry.

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Why Don Little Was Almost Arrested at a Nightclub Abroad 4

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