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The Industry Needs More of Your Type – Stonebwoy Applauds MC Portfolio

By Grace May22,2024
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The Industry Needs More of Your Type – Stonebwoy Applauds MC Portfolio 3

As we eagerly mark our calendars for the 25th Edition of the Telecel Ghana Music Awards (TGMA), the buzz and excitement surrounding this grand event are palpable. Known for sparking conversations every year, the Ghana Music Awards are especially generating unprecedented discussions across social and traditional media this time. This milestone edition has broken barriers and become the talk of the town, drawing more energy and enthusiasm than ever before.

The nominated artists are fueling the anticipation, with the Artiste of the Year (AOTY) category capturing massive public and pundit interest. The contenders—Black Sherif, King Promise, Kuami Eugene, Nacee, Sarkodie, and Stonebwoy—are all vying for the coveted title. Fans and followers of these six nominees are passionately campaigning, highlighting the achievements and merits of their favorite artists.

One notable advocate is Kumerican-born and globally renowned MC Portfolio. An award-winning MC and entertainment pundit, Portfolio has been vocal about his belief that Stonebwoy deserves the AOTY award. He has used various platforms, including TV, radio, and social media, to argue why Stonebwoy should win. Portfolio believes that under the 2023 calendar, Stonebwoy surpasses King Promise in terms of global presence, body of work, collaborations, hit songs, music catalog, relevance, and appeal to the local audience. He also points out that Stonebwoy’s collaborations have earned him spots in other top categories on the TGMA nominees list.

Stonebwoy has recognized and appreciated Portfolio’s support, acknowledging his well-presented facts and figures that elevate the Dancehall musician. On X, Stonebwoy retweeted Portfolio’s appearance on Metro TV, where he discussed Stonebwoy’s accomplishments compared to King Promise. Stonebwoy praised Portfolio, stating that the industry needs more advocates like him, signifying his approval and appreciation of Portfolio’s efforts.

On the opposing side, fans and advocates for King Promise have their own compelling arguments for why KP should win the Artiste of the Year (AOTY) award. They believe that King Promise’s hard work and achievements throughout the 2023 music calendar make him a deserving candidate for this prestigious honor.

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By Grace

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