We only got to know Mac Lyalla was ‘gay’ during his installation – Yamoransa Chief

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We only got to know Mac Lyalla was ‘gay’ during his installation – Yamoransa Chief

The Paramount Chief of Yamoransa who doubles as the President of the Nkusukum Traditional Area, Nana Okese Essandoh IX says he and his elders got to know gay rights activist, Davis Mac Lyalla was gay only just when he was being installed as development chief of Yamoransa.

According to him, the Nigerian gay activist gave his name as Nana Kweku Adu and they did not have much information about him till the day of coronation, adding that they wouldn’t have installed him as a Chief if they had known he promotes LGBTQI activity.

Nana Okese Essandoh IX, said immediately the information came to their attention that the Mac Lyalla is an LGBTQI+ activist, they called for his installation to be halted.

He stated categorically that no tittle has been conferred on Mac Lyalla as Amankorahen of Yamoransa in view of the latest information that reached them about his (Mac Lyalla) activities which are frowned upon in Ghana.

The Chief addressing the media disclosed that he got to know Mac Lyalla through some friends in Cape Cape who said he had been very helpful to them in providing social developmental projects.

He then informed Chiefs and Elders of Yamoransa and had a discussion with them and decided to honor him as Amankorahen of Nkusukum Traditional Area to help bring development to Yamoransa.

According to him, Mac Lyalla used to organize Africa-American natives in the diaspora who recently traced their ancestry back to Yamoransa and had been given Ghanaian native names and to further organize them for developmental projects in Yamoransa.

According to the Chief, Mac Lyalla has already shown some dedication and commitment to developmental issues in the Yamoransa town.

Nana Okese Essandoh IX, however, condemned the act of LGBTQ1+ and said it is against their tradition and custom that they will allow such act to be carried out in their Traditional Area.


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We only got to know Mac Lyalla was 'gay' during his installation – Yamoransa Chief 3

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