We Need Offerings, Not ‘Zomi,’ To Fuel Our Cars– Prophet Kumchacha

We Need Offerings, Not 'Zomi,' To Fuel Our Cars– Prophet Kumchacha 4

Nicholas Osei, a generally known Kumchacha in Ghana, has criticized those who accuse men of God of stealing contributions from churchgoers.
The notion that men of God lavishly spend on the offerings and tithes of churchgoers has been debunked by Prophet Kumchacha.

Prophet Kumchacha said during a Hitz FM interview that many pastors have wants just like other church members and that it is wise for them to likewise spend generously. Using a car as an illustration, he explained that pastors need money to be able to transfer their vehicles from one location to another by purchasing fuel.

“I didn’t use ‘Zomi’ (palm oil) to fuel the car I brought here. Petrol was used to fuel it, and petrol is purchased with money, Kumchacha said.

In other events, Prophet Kumchacha revealed in a Hitz FM interview how a British pharmacy refused to give him some medications after he complained about having a terrible headache.

He claims that before the pharmacy would sell him the pills, the pharmacist asked that he provide a prescription from a doctor. The pharmacist rejected his plea despite his best efforts to persuade him.

According to Kumchacha, the majority of individuals enjoy consuming marijuana without a prescription, which is terrible because it will complicate their health in the long run.

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We Need Offerings, Not 'Zomi,' To Fuel Our Cars– Prophet Kumchacha 5

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