We are fowls in the street of Ghana -Prof Gyampo

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The Professor at the University of Ghana is not happy on the delay tactics used in handling the murder of Major Maxwell Mahama by this current administration.

He confess that the lazy approach is more than threat of terriosim .

In a facebook page sighted by countryghana,it reads

  1. The wheels of justice turn instantly when Oliver Barker Vormawor drives recklessly. But when people, captured on video to be using stones to hit the head of a soldier and killing him like beela (rat) are taken to court, the same wheels of justice takes more than 5 years to keep turning.
  2. What do we think we are doing to morale among soldiers dispatched for national assignments? Are we not inciting soldiers against civilians? Are we not putting them aggressively on the defensive whenever they encounter civilians?
  3. If we cannot all advocate for a finality to be brought to the trial of the murderers of Major Maxwell Mahama, without further delay, then the warning of potential terrorist attack on us, to my mind, is merely hypocritical and diversionary.
  4. We are already living in fear and panic if the matter involving people who were captured on video pouring petrol on a soldier and burning him alive is still before the courts after five years. This is terrorizing enough and the warnings about potential terrorist attacks makes our situation worse. The lazy and bogus cliche of the wheels of justice turning slowly, makes all of us already unsafe, as it doesn’t deter such terrorizing murders like that of Major Maxwell Mahama.
  5. We know that justice delayed is justice denied and we also know that the wheels of justice turn slowly. But we have failed to achieve clarity as to when to use the former or latter.
  6. We must begin to first confront and frontally deal with our own internally generated terrorizing principles, rules, cliches and practices in our justice delivery systems, to give us the needed oneness with which we can fight and repel external terrorist attacks.

7 While we must take the warning below seriously, those in charge of our security must know that the current delays in our justice delivery system makes us insecure in our country. Can they issue another appropriately directed warning or caution?

Yaw Gyampo
A31, Prabiw
PAV Ansah Street
Suro Nipa House


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