Was a well-known Osu eatery closed down for Kamala Harris’ lunch?

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Was a well-known Osu eatery closed down for Kamala Harris' lunch? 4

US Vice President Kamala Harris was hosted by a well-known African eatery in Osu during her three-day tour.

The report that Harris had lunch at the Buka restaurant was made on Rodney Nkrumah-Facebook Boateng’s timeline. He stated: “Apparently, Buka Restaurant in Osu was shut down today to allow Akosua Kamala to experience true African cuisine.

The Secret Service agents must have gone through the area with a fine-tooth comb and watched the preparation with hawk eyes, so it is obvious that this was planned in advance.

“With this significant advertising scoop, the facility’s administration must be over the moon. I suggest Efie Fufuo in Patase to Akos if he travels to Kumasi because it has sweating, real-deal pounders and bubbling green soup with akrante, snails, and mushrooms.

A putative Secret Service member was seen arranging the arrival of Harris’ entourage in the accompanying one-minute, 16-second video, which was ostensibly shot by someone in a building across the street.

Two police vans, a diplomatic van, and a dispatch rider for the Ghana Police are all waved through to arrive and park in front of the building.

A black automobile with a white number plate and a cream-colored car with a red number plate are then directed into the building a short while later.

The footage ends before the driver of the black sedan, who is thought to be Kamala Harris, comes out. Other suited agents and a few Buka personnel are also seen inspecting the area.

On her Twitter account, the US Vice President has provided content from practically all of her appearances, but none of them included her trip to Buka.

GhanaWeb can attest that the incident occurred on the grounds of the Buka restaurant, but we have not yet received confirmation of the development from the management.

Who did Kamala go to lunch with and what did she eat and drink while she was there are questions we wish we knew the answers to.

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