Vote of censure against Ofori-Atta boycotted by NPP MPs

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Members of Parliament (MPs) from the New Patriotic Party (NPP) who demanded the resignation of the Finance Minister have declined to stand with their fellow minority members for a vote of censure in that regard.

On November 11, 2022, they announced this at a press conference held in the legislature.

They claim that even though they intend to continue calling for the resignation of Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta, they will only do it under their terms.

Speaking to the media on November 11, 2022, the NPP MPs stated that the basis for their decision to forego backing their allies in the opposition party’s requests to remove Mr. Ofori-Atta is their belief that those calls are unfounded, and that Mr. Ofori-Atta should be fired.

“We are here to reiterate that, however much you heard us speaking that based on the intervention of the president, we will have to see the minister of finance do his work, read budget, see through appropriation and then the president will act.

“Over the days, we have heard the finance minister speaking and his speaking has influenced majority of us in the caucus, not only to state that we are back to the original position that we took, and that position is that the minister of finance must not be the one to read the budget, and must not be the one that would do the appropriation.

“We are here to tell you this morning that this will be very soon for you to see, the position of us and we are going to be positively defiant about that posture until that action is taken. However, we are not going to support the cause of the NDC in the chamber this morning.

“The cause of the NDC is premised on falsehood, propaganda and reasons that are not justifiable. Their position might look like ours but is not the same.”

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