Transport fares might not increase – Abass Moro

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Public Relations Officer for the Ghana Road and Transport Union (GPRTU), Alhaji Abass Moro has insisted that there might be no form of increment in transport fares.

According to him, the decision on the increment will be announced after meetings with relevant stakeholders, therefore,” everyone should stay calm”.

He explained that insurance premiums have been increased and therefore the percentages must be considered before any increment is announced.

“Insurance policy, AMA documentation, park toll, permit and others have increased and when it happens that way we must meet, and consider the percentages before we announce the fare increment but for now we have not come out with anything” he mentioned.

His comments come after the Ghana Private Road Transport Union(GPRTU) is expected to meet the government next week to decide on an upward review of transport fares following the increase in fuel prices.

Reacting to this claim, the Industrial Relations Director said, “we came out to sensitize, create awareness with the possibility of transport prices increase but we have a standing order between operators and the government that if the fuel price is increased up to 10%, we must also increase transport fares.”

“In the recent two increments which are around 78% and 10%, all along we were expecting that the fuel would reduce to GHS8.5 pesewas per litre but it was not so; it increased again after it decreased a little and has now increased twice” he added.

He urged drivers and transport operators to stay calm as the adjustments to fares would be communicated “but once we have not announced any percentage, everyone should stay calm and hope that instead of an increase in fuel prices it should rather be decreased so we can go about our duties peacefully.”


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