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It is quite unfortunate to hear the death of an individual which is linked to Religion and may her soul Rest in Peace.
As Humans based on the country,race,ethnicityreligion political and other personal differences or way of thinking can cause huge damage to the aforementioned if we make selfishness,anger and taking the law into our hands lead.
I can recall on different but similar occasion which has happened in Ghana.
I wouldn’t like to bring back huge tragic memories but for the sake of reference kindly permit me to do so.
The Death of Major Mahama was unfortunate in the sense that why must you kill a suspect thief?Growing up in Ghana or some other Africa countries we are indirectly trained to beat suspected thieves to death(instant Justice) per what we witness some elderly people death..
I know whenever you hear someone shout in your neighborhood thief(kronfo,awieeee,Jul) ) the first thing that comes in mind is to search for deadly weapon and head directly towards where that scream or shouting came from right ?
This numerous case of instant Justice is persistent even after the tragic death of Major Mahama with the narrative that when such cases are sent to the Police station they are released without been punished(which is untrue).
In the University community these things are there in this modern era and it quite unfortunate.
An un armed suspected thief must be sent to the Police station for it to be handled professionally,please let do well to report such case and stop the instant Justice syndrome.
(Most of these are done by Religious individual been it Christians,traditionalist or Islamic and they are all Ghanaians)
The second has to do with the 60 year old who was lynched to death beacuse she was falsely accused as a witch,as it stands now we still have camps purposely made for accused witches in Ghana.The death of that old lady was the Second of it kind per my little research at that same region.
It saddens my heart to see these things happening in Ghana,we condemn it when it happens and we go back to the normal routine without a change in attitude.
The other which I can not fully because it was allegedly link to politics because of the Political affiliation of that individual,He voice out concerning the bad nature of roads in his vicinity and the next thing we heard was his death which was quite unfortunate.
Life is Precious and it is only one and not as many as we see characters a life after their death in a movie.
I thought the death of Florida was the last of it kind concerning Racisim but today there was shooting at Buffalo Supermarket which is allegedly linked to Racism.
We all have roles to play in the society we find ourselves and for it to be a better place it fully depend on us..
What are you doing to minimize instant justice?
How can you help to stop lynching in your community?
We have to stop pointing hands and do the needful by replacing instant Justice with communal punishment or making the Law to work.
Before you throw stones let us remember humans are not robots to survive them.
Let us all continue to learn and tolerate each other regardles of our political ,Religious,Ethnicity .
We are humans and not an institution..l
The Death of Deborah is sad but we all need to accept the blames and change the narrative.

Let Love Lead.
Caleb Qwofi Right
A Learner of Life..

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