Taking contraceptives exposes you to breast cancer – Korle-Bu Breast Cancer Unit


Eric Brobbey, nurse at the Korle-Bu Teaching hosptal's breast cancer unit

A nurse at the Korle-Bu Teaching hospital’s Breast Cancer Unit, Eric Brobbey has warned young ladies of the dire consequences of taking contraceptives. According to him, they become vulnerable to breast cancer when they continuously take pills and contraceptives. Whiles educating students of Potin T.I Ahmadiyya Senior High School on some risk factors and possible preventive measures for breast cancer, Mr. Brobbey advised young women to abstain from using oral contraceptives because their intake weakens the body system and makes it prone to the disease. Meena Breast Cancer Foundation is aimed at sensitizing the general public on breast cancer and offer financial assistance to patients undergoing treatment. In what was an engagement session with the students, Mr. Brobbey advised them to ‘stay away from excessive contraceptives because it increases your estrogens making you liable to contracting breast cancer. It is important for you to be wary of it. Stop indulging in unprotected sexual activities that will push you to be taking pills and oral contraceptives as it will increase your chance of getting cancer,” he advised. The nurse urged the students to regularly screen their breasts for cancer to help save their lives. The sensitization is the maiden edition of breast cancer awareness outreaches to be carried out nationwide by the Meena Breast Cancer Foundation. It was the vision of the late wife of Mr. Kwarteng, Amina Oppong Kwarteng to embark on an aggressive campaign against the disease, but she, unfortunately, lost her life while undergoing treatment.


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Taking contraceptives exposes you to breast cancer - Korle-Bu Breast Cancer Unit 4

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