Sista Afia is ungrateful, and I’m upset with her because of the song “Asuoden”- Ayesem

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Sista Afia is ungrateful, and I'm upset with her because of the song "Asuoden"- Ayesem 4

After penning Sista Afia’s smash hit song “Asuoden,” Stephen Kwabena Siaw, also known as Ayesem, revealed what enraged him.

“The reason Sista Afia troubles popped up is that on her digital stores the song Asuoden that I created for her, but later I saw that the song was written by Sista Afia and Kuami Eugene. That’s when I got upset and contacted her on the phone,” he said.

When I spoke with her, she said she forgot, but later when she refused to give me credit on her digital shops, that’s when I got angry. “She went on UTV for an interview and such a great platform she didn’t even mention my name that I wrote the song for her,” he added on the Kastle Drive Show.

Ayesem revealed in a one-on-one interview with Amansan Krakye that the majority of female artists in Ghana are reluctant to inform the audience that they have songwriters working behind the scenes for them.

He added on Kastle FM in Cape Coast, “Most of the female artists in Ghana feel awkward telling people that there are certain ghost composers who write songs for them and I write songs, not some of the females and it’s not Sista Afia alone.

He concluded, as reported by, “There are other outstanding female musicians in Ghana that I do create songs for them but they always give me the credit for being a ghost songwriter, so there is no need to go sit somewhere and even mention their names.”

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Sista Afia is ungrateful, and I'm upset with her because of the song "Asuoden"- Ayesem 5

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