Samini’s attempt to humiliate UG gateman backfires 


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Samini's attempt to humiliate UG gateman backfires  3

Legendary Ghanaian dancehall musician Samini has been chastised and insulted by Ghanaians for embarrassing and disrespecting a firm security man on duty at the University of Ghana.

While filming a security guard at his post on campus, the artist posted a video from his vehicle.

According to Samini’s account, the young guy rejected his admittance because he did not have his electronic card, which the University required for access.

He was ridiculed by Ghanaians on social media after posting the footage to shame the security guard.

On social media, Ghanaians commended the security guard for doing a good job and chastised Samini for attempting to embarrass an honest poor man doing his job.

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Samini's attempt to humiliate UG gateman backfires  4

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