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Rihanna to a Ghanaian fashion designer, “I want your autograph before you grow too famous and forget me.”

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Rihanna and Papa Oppong

Papa Oppong, a young and successful fashion designer from Ghana, recently made news after getting a message from singer and American billionaire Rihanna.

The legendary singer’s message had the skilled designer in awe because he is recognized for his daring and distinctive designs.

In a tweet he sent back on March 26, 2023 in response to Rihanna’s letter, Papa Oppong lauded the singer and said he was eager to see her in person.

Even the idea of seeing the pop diva made him chuckle as he joked about sobbing in shock.

“Rihanna You are really wonderful to me! All the time! As we shout, laugh, and cry together, I can’t wait to meet you! Not in real life like this! Now I’m going to start crying. Papa Oppong responded, “Come back right away.

By complimenting Papa Oppong on his accomplishment and expressing her excitement for his future, Rihanna, on the other hand, supported Papa Oppong’s effort and demonstrated her support for it.

Even A-list celebrities can be inspired by the ability and imagination of others, as she did when she requested an autograph.

I said, “Man, congrats! I’m feeling chills reading this! In an email to Papa Oppong, Rihanna said, “I want an autograph before you get too famous and forget about me.

Papa Oppong and Rihanna’s conversation has drawn a lot of interest from the global fashion scene as well as Ghana.

It’s unusual for anyone to be noticed or acknowledged by a global celebrity like Rihanna, so people are naturally excited by this connection.

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