Residents of Tamale, enraged, demolish an LGBTQ+ billboard

Residents of Tamale, enraged, demolish an LGBTQ+ billboard 4

A billboard in Tamale promoting tolerance for the lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) population has been taken down after citizens express their discontent with the billboard’s placement in the city.

“Love, tolerance, and acceptance” were written on the billboard, which used colors associated with the LGBTQ+ community. The occupants, on the other hand, had no patience for it and tore it apart in a fit of rage.

Samuel Nartey George, a leading opponent of the legalization of LGBTQ+ rights in Ghana, hailed the inhabitants, MP, youth, and elders of Tamale for their quick action.

“Salute to Tamale Central’s Youth and Elders, as well as their tireless MP, Comrade Ibrahim Murtala Muhammed, for acting quickly when duty demanded in defense of our culture, tradition, and Constitution.”

We’d have the energy and zeal to tear down those nasty billboards as long as they had the money to put them up. “May Article 3 of the 1992 Constitution live long and prosper,” he wrote.

A similar billboard in Accra was also taken down when a portion of the public expressed their dissatisfaction. The elimination infuriated the LGBTQ+ community.

Ghana is a predominantly conservative country that appears to be hostile to LGBTQ+ people.

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Residents of Tamale, enraged, demolish an LGBTQ+ billboard 5

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