Prophet Azuka burries the destiny of a tiktoker who insulted him inside a river

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A popular video shows Prophet Azuka cursing vehemently at a young Ghanaian man named Kofi Pages for disrespecting him on TikTok.

It all started when the courageous netizen confronted Azuka and accused him of being a con artist who took advantage of his flock for personal benefit.

The argument occurred during a live TikTok session while the preacher talked to his followers.

The young Ghanaian man, who is currently living abroad, took the chance to criticize the preacher for what he saw as his questionable behavior.

The outspoken internet user boldly said during the live session that Prophet Azuka and other pastors were utilizing reverse psychology to control and extort money from their flocks.

He further asserted that these religious leaders were taking advantage of their followers’ money by selling charms and other questionable goods.

The encounter left the self-styled man of God obviously surprised and unable to respond to the increasing accusations.

In response to the taunts, Prophet Azuka has submerged Kofi Pages’ photograph in a river and given him one week to make amends.

In a recent viral video, Prophet Azuka can be seen and overheard wishing Kofi Pages the worst possible fate.


This is what started the Prophet Azuka and Kofi Pages Viral issues

♬ original sound – Countryghana News

Full video of Prophet Azuka curses

♬ original sound – Countryghana News

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