Pep Guardiola: “We have to play incredibly well and win

Pep Guardiola, during the press conference of the first leg of the semifinals...
Pep Guardiola, during the press conference of the first leg of the semifinals against Madrid

Pep Guardiola and Kevin De Bruyne appeared from Manchester to analyze the semi-final second leg between Real Madrid and Manchester City . Both the training and the press conferences were held in England, to travel to Madrid in the afternoon for tomorrow’s game. City will stay at the Ritz hotel and Guardiola, before getting on the plane, reviewed the tie. In a friendlier tone than in the first leg, the coach showered Madrid with flowers and spoke of the difficulty of the match.

Dissatisfied after leaving?

“Really not, we were happy to win. To eliminate Madrid we know that we have to play two good games , it’s not enough to just win one or win the first one”

The Classic as the reference

“I didn’t see the game, I saw the summary and I haven’t seen it much because Benzema didn’t play that day , Ancelotti did something he doesn’t usually do, with Modric … So, it’s not a reference”


“It’s a UEFA issue”


What does it mean to play at the Bernabéu?

” Playing at the Bernabéu is a test and great luck , because it means we are in the semi-finals. But the Bernabéu is a great test to show ourselves”

Congratulations to Ancelotti

“I congratulated him on winning the Spanish league, I did it, I did it last week. I admire him , he’s been all over the world, to big football countries and fantastic teams. Always incredibly tough, football is really good. Al aside from that is that he is an exceptional person . I met him years ago and every time I am with him he is calm, he controls his emotions perfectly.”

Do City need to play better than in the first leg to get through?

“Probably, yes. We have to be better, but we can play much worse than we played and we can win . We can’t deny that my assessment is correct. Nobody knows. Sometimes you get what you don’t deserve, sometimes you don’t get what you don’t deserve.” you deserve. We have to play incredibly well and win the game.”

Have you talked to Xavi to get some advice?

“We have a good relationship but he has players that I don’t have and I have players that he doesn’t have “


The city experience

“Experience… The question is what to learn from experience . You could make the same mistakes. It’s completely different, it’s hard to compare with last season. How will the guys wake up tomorrow, what will their mood be? The fact it’s that we’ve been in this situation quite often in the last few years , we’ve been here and we’ve done well and we know how to handle the situation. But it’s not a guarantee of playing well. We know we have to do well and do our best. to get to the final.”


“We are two good teams, we saw it a week ago. They are champions in Spain, we are trying to be champions here . I said a week ago that we are in the semifinal to try to be in the second consecutive final”.

Control party?

“There will be moments of control, moments of transition… It will be 90 minutes of many things “

Modric says that if Madrid do their best, they will be in the final

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Pep Guardiola: "We have to play incredibly well and win 6

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