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Online banter between Elikem Kumordzie and Abrantie the Gentleman

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Elikem Kumordzie the Tailor and Abrantie The Gentleman, two enormous Ghanaian fashion businesses, are engaged in a social media tiff over who among them sets the trends.

Elikem Kumordzie previously modeled on the runway alongside his kid at the 2022 Glitz Style Awards, an act he claimed to be first in the Ghanaian fashion business.

Abrantie The Gentleman recently brought his daughter on stage at the recently concluded Rythymz on the Runway presentation to cap off the showing of his collection.

But soon after, Elikem seized the opportunity to stake out the “modeling with kids” trendsetting position on social media.

“I’m living in the future. Call me the Ayigbe Kanye. Kanyewest . Last night was an example of the trend setter I am. Inspiring designers in Ghana and Nigeria. People playing traditional drums and doing culture at their shows, others bringing their children on stage. Let’s all continue to be the First not the Best and push our Creative abilities through the roof,” he wrote on social media.

Abrantie the Gentleman, in response, said that he completely disagreed with Elikem’s claim and that he had actually been the first to introduce his child on stage at a fashion show in London.

Abrantie corrected Elikem when he stated that he was the first to bring a cultural group onto the stage to support his runway show.

We dey bring kiddie for stage since February in London ooo (So can I also say I inspired you? No! Great minds think alike. And for African cultural displays its since 2014 in SA till date. African Fashion culture display was a movement by the LATE KOFI ANSAH(a black and white photo I saw). We just Dey carry on the mantra bro. If you have joined let’s carry it well and stop claiming ownership and inspiring.”

It didn’t end there, as Elikem Kumordzie left and came back to say;

“It doesn’t matter who brought Their child to the stage First, what matters are the memories we’ll leave behind for them. Abrantiethegentleman had a great show last night, and if I didn’t see that he brought his daughter on stage in February how would I know.

“And as for the cultural troop, I brought them on stage, they played live, and we heard that with you too from back stage. I’m still calling for our collaboration, or better yet a fashion Battle. Elikem The Tailor Vs Abrantie The Gentleman. We can display our fashion abilities instead of the back and forth here. Another thing about My show was that my son got the memo and fell to the ground like my models did. So it’s safe to say, my son is the “first toddler model to ever fall on the run way stage. So much for being a “pretty Betty”
#happyToInspire #theTailorsTailor.”

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